Carleton Rode Jubilee Players

Posted on 2017-06-14 10:49:29 by Barbara

 Plays in the Wood

There will be plenty of laughter in Fir Covert Wood on the first two days of July when the Jubilee Players will head for the great outdoors to perform some comic sketches and minidramas.

 Come along and join the fun, bring a chair, bring a picnic, enjoy the performances and have a wander around the wood to see what volunteers have achieved in the past eighteen months or so.

 The show will be presented at 2 p.m. on Saturday 1st July, and at 3 p.m. on Sunday 2nd July. The events are free, but donations large and small towards the regeneration of the pond in the wood would be most welcome.

 Not to forget that following the roaring success of this year’s panto, Babes in the Wood, the players will once again be demonstrating their matchless archery skills!

Babes in the Wood

The Carleton Rode Jubilee Hall Players' pantomime for February 2017 was one of England's favourite traditional panto tales, 'Babes in the Wood'.

Employing the usual mix of groan-inducing bad jokes, slapstick comedy, jolly songs and non-stop puns - plus an unusual quantity of outrageous cackling - the action featured an odd mix of characters - a wicked villain or two, a dismal jester, a clumsy juggler, a bumbling dame, the Sheriff's incompetent sidekicks, the lovely babes of course, and, perhaps unexpectedly, some exotic Egyptian sand-dancers.

The presence of the Sheriff is a clue to the addition to the cast of Robin Hood and His Merry Men, who spent a lot of time in Maid Marion's Arms (that's the tavern)...

Watch this space for the next exciting event...


The Jubilee Players' last opus, Cinderella, was performed in February 2016. For a review see 'News and Comment', for photographs see the gallery page


Carleton Rode Jubilee Players were formed after staging their first pantomime ‘Red Riding Boots’ in 1994, and they have performed a February pantomime just about every year since. They have also put on performances of variety shows, old time music hall shows and plays with the emphasis very much on having fun for both audience and cast.

The Players usually begin their panto rehearsals at the village hall in November. Then, hopefully, everything comes together for four performances during the February half-term week.The Players are always ready to welcome new members to take part either on stage or helping with the many back stage tasks. And don’t let age be a barrier – we have members from teenagers to well into their 70s. If you are interested contact the secretary, Mr. P. Jeffery, Old Schoolhouse, Church Road, Carleton Rode, tel 01953 789687 or treasurer, Mr. M. May, Haddeston, Church Lane, Bunwell, tel 01953 789511. 

Jack and the Beanstalk was performed in February 2015.

Cinderella was performed in February 2016.